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How to get the haircut that suits you best

Face Shape and Hair CutsOften we see things that we think we might like until we try them on or purchase them. Only then do we come to the realization that it may  not be for us! Haircuts can be the same way so you must do your research. I have selected some points that I hope will help you with finding your new look!

Let’s work together and keep the Mojo in rotation!

Facial Shape/Pictures

This is more important than u can imagine!! You may have the right hair type, color, be great at daily maintenance but the hairstyle is not flattering to you.  Please  please please when chosen a new look always find pictures of people who have your facial type! Use the internet. There is someone out there that has your facial shape and your desired new look. This helps your communication with your stylist to make the right adjustments on your desired look.

Communication between you and your stylist is essential to your maximum state of MOJOISM. Remember hairstylist are visual creates! That is how we create! Pictures help more than you know. Why? Because we can see what is actually in your head!! We can determine your idea of how you envision yourself. So please please bring them to your “new look consultation”. It will be the basis of your new look and stylist can began to make whatever changes that need be made!

Hair Type

Please keep in mind what you have on your head when choosing a new look! If you have thin hair and have a picture of a chick that has a thick bob you will be truly disappointed!  Or if you have a pic of someone who has a cut with a looser curl than you u will be disappointed.  Get my drift?? So be realistic about your hair type and trust there are enough pics on the internet that you can choose from!!


This is tricky.. When u are selecting your new look you must consider color.. The pics u select don’t have to include the cut photo. It should separate the two. Determine if you like the cut, and color (whole package) if not find a pic of the color you would love to have with this new cut. The more photos the better.

Daily Maintenance

When choosing your new look Please be honest about how much time its gonna take to duplicate the new look. If you are not use to taking time to make the proper finishing touches on your hair you may wanna reconsider your “new look”  Be realistic and honest with yourself and your styling abilities, If you need help and assistance You must have your stylist spend some time showing you some techniques to increase your Mojo! And lets’s not forget it will help your mornings run smoothly also.


You must ask your stylist what products you need to purchase or use to achieve your new look and get them! And use them! It will only take a second! No need to get this far and drop the Mojo ball!!

Written by The Mojo Squad

July 25th, 2010 at 2:37 am

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